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(a Solar Embedded product)

This embedded road surface lighting 4-sided with dia 123 x 48 mm is standard equipped with 2+2+1+1 LEDs. Interchangeable inner unit and "energy control".

This embedded road surface lighting with dia 123 x 48 mm is similar to the SI140, but has a few extra features: the inner unit can be easily replaced in case of failure and this product also has the "energy control" as standard. This means that, at a certain low level of the battery voltage, a number of LEDs will be switched off. This extends the light duration.  The ILSE-503 can be equipped with Leds on max. 4 sides. Standard is 2 on the front and 2 on the back and 1 on each side. With its load of up to 40 tonnes, it can be used perfectly for crossings, lane markings and even motorways ..... The 4-sided version is ideal for bends and for the middle of pedestrian crossings.

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