Derniers projets

Illuxys - your natural light

Utilisation des ILSE-140 monoface blanc et rouge steady

The junction of Lange Meire and Korte Meire was redesigned in order to slow down the traffic on the Lange Meire. The road towards the centre is now curved into the Korte Meire. Coming from the centre the Lange Meire has now a STOP sign.

To clarify the new situation extra active road marking is necessary : 1) to highlight the curved road and 2) to put extra attention to the STOP.

ILLUXYS proposed the ILSE-140 single side steady white for the curved road and the ILSE-140 single side steady red for the STOP. In the presales phase the solar road studs were placed on the surface to test the brightness and visibility. Only after this test and approval - a satisfied customer - ILLUXYS got the order.


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