Illuxys - your natural light


Illuxys saw the light of day in 2007 and was founded by Darlin Valcke as a hobby in a secondary profession. Initially to develop solutions for solar-based lighting. 

Soon the first commercial products were added to the range, namely the DECO range. A network of distributors (tiles, swimming pools, etc.) was developed in Flanders. A second range, products for road safety, came a few years later and here the French market was processed and successfully.

In 2018, SKYRA b.v.b.a. was founded as the first full time activity to expand the market. The brand name ILLUXYS is included in this company. Skýra is Icelandic for "clarification" and that is the core of what we do: clarification by providing insights into problem solving and clarification (enlightenment) with our products.

There is a constant search in the market for high quality products and solutions to offer our customers the best in the emerging market of active road marking. Our DECO range is still the most beautiful and durable solution to bring light where it is needed, without cables, safe and easy to install. 

Our customers for road safety are mainly companies and municipalities. For our DECO range, our customers are also tile companies, swimming pool equipment suppliers, architectural firms... Today we are active in Belgium and France.

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