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All our products are based on LED (light emitting diode) technology and by working with the best LED manufacturers, we obtain the highest light output at low power consumption. Through this combination, sustainable solutions can be built on solar energy. The solar panels also belong to the high-end of their kind where they have a high efficiency (about 15%). Even in cloudy weather, they provide enough energy to fill the energy storage area.

In the field of energy storage, too, we are fully committed to the most sustainable solution: ultra-capacities or Li-ion batteries. Our DECO range is equipped with the UltraCapacitor : very fast charging, resistant to extreme temperatures and lifetime of about 100.000 charging cycles.

Due to the rapid development of the batteries (longer life span : 5 to 7 years) more and more products are being equipped with batteries again. Due to the higher position on the globe (51° North) we always recommend to use batteries for Western and Northern Europe.

For Southern Europe (below 45°N), ultracapacitor is a better alternative.

By combining these three elements (LED, solar panel and energy storage), ILLUXYS delivers high quality sustainable solutions!

Active Road Marking

Active road marking or road surface lighting brings a more CALME and SAFER traffic flow. A traffic situation such as a sharp turn, a pedestrian crossing, a traffic island, etc ... is visible earlier so that better anticipation is possible. The classic reflectors are unfortunately not intended for the ever-growing group of vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians.

Active = LED lighting whether or not based on solar energy (Solar versus Wired)

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