Solar Surface

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The best roadway light in the business, SI-135 offers years of reliable, cost-effective roadway safety. Made of virtually indestructible cast aluminum, the SI-135 is IP-68 rated and fabricated to withstand heavy vehicles and even snowplows. Ideal for curved roads, rural traffic and as lane delineation. Installation is simple- a hole and epoxy ensure maintenance-free, grid-independent service.

Download: Datasheet ILSS-135

Additional Info

  • Dimensions: ø144 x 90.5 (mm)
  • Colour LED: Rood, groen, blauw, geel, wit
  • Type: constant, langzaam knipperend, snel knipperend
  • Remark: overrijdbaar trage snelheid
  • Applications: Bochten, ronde punten, vòòr hindernissen, aflijning fietspad-rijweg

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