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Use of ILSE-140 steady and ILSE_217_Synchro slow flashing

In order to familiarize our subcontractor with our products for installation and to test the best "glue" for a quick assembly, we searched for a test location. The product used was HILTI 2 component injection mortar HIT-HY 170. The advantage is that no premixing is required. Drying time = 20 minutes.

Thanks to the municipality of Deerlijk, a test could be carried out at a pedestrian crossing at a school. As there is no full white stripe on the carriageway, lighting was chosen over the entire width of the road surface along both sides of the road surface elevation. The municipality preferred to use a hybrid solution of flashing and steady. On the right-hand lane, the direction of approach, they preferred a flashing type and on the left-hand lane a steady solution. For ILLUXYS, this is an opportunity to install our new product SYNCHRO solar flashing. We always try to have a quiet light pattern in a residential area, especially in a zone 30. We always prefer a Steady type. By now also using SYNCHRO lighting elements, we don't really disturb this calm character. If we would all install flashing (non-synchro), we would rather get a disturbing effect.

video installation 1

video installation 2

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