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Use of the ILSE-140 double sided slow flashing white and ILSE-140 single sided blue steady

The project in Middelkerke was twofold. On the one hand, the use of active road markings for pedestrian crossings and, on the other hand, finding a solution for the replacement of De Lijn's defective ground spots along the tram track in Leopoldlaan.

For the pedestrian crossings, the ILSE-140 double-sided slow flashing white was chosen. These were placed at a number of schools in Westende, Lombardsijde and Middelkerke. Even in these built-up areas the slow flashing retains a quiet, non-disturbing character. By using double-sided, light elements only need to be provided on one side or in the middle. Some videos can be found below.

video installation_Middelkerke

video installation_Lombardsijde

video installation_Westende


The assignment for Leopoldlaan was: "propose a solar-powered product as an alternative to the defective wired ground spots of the Line along the tram track. Middelkerke's new administration again wished for that "blue line" as in the old days. A number of products were proposed, including the ILSE-140 single-sided steady blue.

Before deciding, a pilot installation was requested. For this purpose, 10 lighting elements were installed at a distance of 4 m in order to assess the effect. After one month of testing, the order for the entire Leopoldlaan was finally approved..

video installation_Leopoldlaan

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